At first glance my works looks like a kanji (character). But I'm not interested in drawing works that look like such a charactor.
The ability to extract abstract lines from natural forms and make form like kanji is not special ability. maybe we who is living in modern times have the same such a formative ability.
My interest is to use that ability to confront nature again and find the principle of nature on the canvas again.
on that time, the rock paint(IWA-ENOGU) functions as a very symbolic one.
I feel consistency in the work of finding the sytem of nature using IWA-ENOGU with nuances as a material that can never be transmitted in images.
In this connection, I can discover the traditions and possibilities of oriental painting that has long been performed by great artists.
I think that way while creating my own work.


1999 M.D.A,Graduate School,Kyoto City University of Arts 2006 Arts internship of Agency of Cultural Affairs.
2009 full-time instructor of japanese painting, Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan
2014-Associate professor of japanese painting, Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan

1999  Exhibition Prize at "The 25th Spring Soga-kai ten Exhibition"
2000 Suprior Prize at"The 8th Ryushi Kawabata Japanese Painting Exhibition,"Wakayama Municipal Auditorium,Wakayama
2002 Grand Prize at"The 21th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exihbition,"The Ueno Royal Museum,Tokyo

Selected exhibition
2000 "Exhibition:Iwaenogu(Powdered mineral pigments) Proposales from Young Artists in Ngoya,"Furukawa Art Museum,Nagoya 2002"Incubation 02,"Kyoto Art Center,Kyoto
2005 "Kojima Tokuro,"in commemoration of receiving the Grand Prize of Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition and IBM Art Scholarship, Galerie Yoshii,Tokyo
2007 "Exhibition:Versatility of Expression by Jpanese Painting"space B,Osaka Seikei University,Osaka
2009 Oriental mineral paintings, Shanghai University School of Fine Arts 99 Creative Center Gallery (China)
2011 "Imagery of Dunhuang" , Dunhuang Research Institute (China)
2014 Solo exhibition, The Ueno Royal Museum,Tokyo
       “clacking the code”, Kyoto Art Center,Kyoto

2005 "The 3rd Exhibition of the Museum Collection"with Workshop "surface of Artwork by japanese-style Painting," Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art,Kyoto